The History of the Small Arms School Corps: amendments and updates

When the History of the Small Arms School Corps 1853-2017 was written, it was known (and caveated in the introduction) that there would be errors and omissions. This page is an attempt to rectify some of the those and ensure that the most accuract history can be shared.

If you have a copy and notice anything, please do contact us.


Page xiv

Replace ‘Susan O’Neill whose father…’ with ‘Susan Lorimer whose grandfather…’ – apologies Susan!

Chapter 1: Experimental Corps of Musketry and the School of Musketry

Page 53

In the book review for the Western Front Association, comment was made that the book doesn’t cover the development of the ‘Mad Minute’ through the School of Musketry and the impact this had on the British Expeditionary Forces at the start of the Great War. This wasn’t included as there was little evidence available to me of the development of the ‘Mad Minute’ as a system of training or any specific involvement of the School in any development of it. The book is based on the primary sources available and avoids conjecture and the use of excessive secondary sources. It is mentioned, almost in error, inferring that it is a subject covered by the Small Arms Committee Minutes.

Chapter 3: Between the Wars

Page 147

Line 3. ‘Mark VIIz’ should read ‘Mark VIIIz’ – ie Mk 8z rather than Mk 7z.

Appendix II

Page 455, Table 38: Small Arms School, Hythe Wing, Personnel.

This should including ‘Technical Officer (major), 1’ in the table.

Page 457

The note (a) should be explained as ‘One lance-corporal and 3 privates are included with effect from 9th October, 1942.’

Page 458

Note * ‘Although 24 has been copied across from the War Establishment, this column only adds up to 23.’ This can be omitted with the inclusion of the Technical Officer (major) on page 455.