29th Brigade Machine Gun Company

A Machine Gun Company was attached to each Infantry Brigade and their subsequent Division.

Brigade attached to: 29th Brigade
Division attached to: 10th (Irish) Division
Formed from the: Machine Gun Section of 10th Bn. Hampshire Regiment
Machine Gun Section of 6th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles
Machine Gun Section of 5th Bn. Connaught Rangers
Machine Gun Section of 6th Bn. Leinster Regiment

The 29th Bde. M.G. Coy. was formed on 10 May 1916 from the Machine Gun Sections of the listed infantry battalions.

On 07 May 1918, it was amalgamated with the 30th and 31st Machine Gun Companies to form No. 10 Battalion, Machine Gun Corps.

As a unit of the 10th (Irish) Infantry Division during this period, it will have taken part in the following battles and engagements.

30 September to 02 October The Karajakois [XVI Corps].
On the 18th August the 10th Division received orders to concentrate at Salonika;embarkation began on the 1st September and the first units of the Division reached Ismailia on the 5th; on the 22nd the first units left Moascar for Rafah, and by the 8th October all the units (except R.A. Hd. Qrs., LXVII Bde., R.F.A., and the D.A.C.) had left Moascar for the front. On the 16th October the Division completed its assembly at Rafah; 10th Division then joined XX Corps.
01 to 07 November Third Battle of Gaza [XX Corps].
09 December Capture of Jerusalem [on left of XX Corps].
27 December Defence of Jerusalem [XX Corps].
08 to 12 March Tell ‘Asur [XX Corps].
Between April and June the 10th Division was Indianised.