8th Cavalry Machine Gun Squadron

A Cavalry Machine Gun Squadron was attached to each Cavalry Brigade. It was formed from the Machine Gun Sections of a Cavalry Regiment.

Brigade attached to: 8th Cavalry Brigade
Division attached to: 3rd Cavalry Division
Formed from the: Machine Gun Section of Royal Horse Guards
Machine Gun Section of 10th Hussars
Machine Gun Section of 1st Essex Yeomanry

The 8th Cavalry MG Sqdn, MGC was formed on 29 February 1916.

The Squadron was transferred to the reconstituted 7th Cav. Bde. on 11 March 1918 (instead of the 11th Cav. M.G. Sqdn.). The 8th was renumbered the 7th on 04 May 1918.

As a unit of the 8th Cavalry Brigade, 3rd Cavalry Division, it will have taken part in the following battles and engagements.

09 to 12 April First Battle of the Scarpe [Cav. Corps, Third Army].
10 and 11 April Attack of Monchy le Preux.

The 8th Cavalry Brigade was replaced by the Canadian Cavalry Brigade within the 3rd Cavalry Division on 14 March 1918 and, as a result, the 8th Cavalry MG Squadron was replaced by the Canadian Cavalry MG Squadron.