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As we expand the reference collection and the Association’s display capabilities, we are seeking funding for specific projects.

The Association considers all aspects of the Vickers MG capability but needs help to build a wider understanding. Whilst we have Patreon to support the running costs of the Association and ensure that we are able to share our archive and collection for visitors, those contributions do not cover the acquisition of new major items, particularly the heritage assets in this project.

Our overall plan is to acquire the specific items, then build a safe system of training and be able to incorporate this into our displays, videos and other materials.

All contributors will be named as a contributor in the first edition of a subsequent ‘Safe Use of Small Arms’ training handbook made as part of this project (which will be available to purchase separately and is not included in this crowdfunding project).

A contribution is a donation to the Association and does not give the donor any rights to any acquisitions used with it.

NOTE: Please user bank transfer to maximise the power of your donation.

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