17th Canadian Machine Gun Company

A Machine Gun Company, of the Canadian Machine Gun Corps, was attached to each Canadian Infantry Brigade, until the formation of Canadian MG Battalions.

The 17th C.M.G. Coy. was originally a Brigade Machine Gun Company of the 5th Canadian Division.

However, this Division was broken up in England, prior to active service.

On March 25th, 1918, the Brigade Machine Gun Companies of the, now non-existent, 5th Division, arrived in France. They were used to relieve experience units sub-section at a time.

Along with the 18th C.M.G Coy and 19th C.M.G Coy, it formed the 5th Canadian Machine Gun Battalion, yet was used as an independent unit.

In June, 1918, it was disbanded and the troops absorbed by the 2nd Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade.