12th Frontier Force Regiment

Second World War

Machine Gun Battalion, 12th Frontier Force Regiment

Formed 15 January 1942 at Sialkot.

Lahore District – 15 January 1942 to December 1942

The battalion was raised at Sialkot on January 15th, 1942.

26th Indian Infantry Division – December 1942 to February 1944

It moved to Calcutta from Sialkot in December 1942 to join the 26th Indian Infantry Division. It was stationed for four months at Baruipar near Calcutta. It sailed from Calcutta for Chittagong in the Arakan on April 24th, 1943 and by May 5th, 1943 it relieved the 9th Jat Regiment M-G Battalion at Maungdaw. It was in action with the division until withdrawn to Comilla in October 1943. It remained there under the division until February 1944.

XV Indian Corps Troops – February 1944 to April 1944

It moved to Bawli Bazaar in February 1944 as XV Indian Corps troops. It arrived at Bawli Bazaar on February 15th and was attached to the 29th British Infantry Brigade. After arrival, each company was despatched to the 5th Indian Infantry Division and fought with the division at Ngachedauk Pass through February 29th. It was then in action with the division at Maungdaw.

25th Indian Infantry Division – April 1944 to October 1944

When the division left, the battalion transferred to the 25th Indian Infantry Division in April 1944. It served in the advance south into the Arakan with the division through September 1944.

26th Indian Infantry Division – October 1944 to 31 August 1945

The battalion was reorganized in October 1944 and returned to 26th Indian Infantry Division. It trained with the division at Rejukha Beach. It served under the 4th Indian Infantry Brigade of the division during the Taungup operation from March 13th-28th, 1945. On March 28th, it returned to Madras with the division and then went back to Ramree Island to prepare for the assault on Rangoon. It landed at Rangoon with the division and then returned to India on June 2nd. It then moved to the Bangalore area to prepare for operations in Malaya and Sumatra. It embarked on November 4th, 1945 for Sumatra with the division.