3rd Madras Regiment

Second World War

3rd Battalion, 3rd Madras Regiment

previously the 12th Malabar Battalion, Indian Territorial Force

Madras District – 3 September 1939 to 4 November 1940

The battalion was located at Cannanore on the outbreak of war on September 3rd, 1939. It remained there until embodied on August 15th, 1940. Over the next few months the battalion organised for garrison duties. It left for Dehli on November 4th, 1940.

Dehli Brigade Area – 4 November 1940 to September 1942

The battalion left for Agra on November 4th, 1940 for internal security duties and was located there less two companies. One was located at Jumna Bridge and the other at Delhi Fort. While at Agra, the battalion was converted to a regular battalion on September 15th, 1941 and entitled the 3rd Battalion 3rd Madras Regiment. It left Agra in September 1942 for the North-West Frontier.

Kohat Brigade – September 1942 to September 1944

It left Agra in September 1942 and moved to the North West Frontier under the Kohat Brigade. It was again retitled as the 2nd Battalion in October 1942. It remained under the Kohat Brigade until September 1944. It was also listed at Thal on February 10th, 1943.

Nowshera Brigade – September 1944 to March 1945

It was then converted to a M-G Battalion and moved to the Nowshera Brigade until March 1945.

25th Indian Infantry Division – March 1945 to 31 August 1945

It then transferred to the 25th Indian Infantry Division as an M-G Battalion and remained with it until the end of the war. It was in India with the division at Dharampuram. It moved to Malaya in September 1945.