Machine Gun Corps History Project, 2008

Static displays of the collection, for a specific audience or a wide range of people, provide the opportunity to see the items in a more ‘regular’ museum-type context, with the benefit of hands-on the items. This can provide more information and the opportunity to explain more about how the items work from a technical, rather than a practical, point-of-view.

Private Display for MGC History Project, Swindon, UK (October, 2008)

Following a request originating from an online forum, this display was put together to show-case the Great War items of the collection, specifically those relating to the Machine Gun Corps. This gave a number of individuals the opportunity to come up close with items they had been researching and writing about for a number of years. They found this useful and the display was an opportunity to demonstrate the flexibility and adaptability of a small space.

This was also one of the few opportunities for the Limber in the collection.


  • Unless otherwise mentioned above, all photos are from the VMGCRA.