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Cover Title Year Audience File Size


V00413 Machine Gun Training Centre, Lecture Notes 1916 United Kingdom 2,126 KB
V01942 Infantry Machine-Gun Company Training (Provisional) 1917 United Kingdom 6,463 KB
14519707_1088845791212188_8939308769359173203_n_zpsy6yf5d3d Instructors’ Manual, Machine Gun Training Centre 1917 United Kingdom


Machine Gun Training Centre

Only available on DVD through the sales page
Page_zps75238135 Machine Gun Training (American Expeditionary Force) 1917 United States of America 4,702 KB
V00093 Notes on Guns, Gears and Sights. Turnberry (Air Gunnery School) 1918 United Kingdom


Royal Air Force

3,824 KB
Image001.jpg Machine Gun Training
1919 United Kingdom 20.9 MB
This is an updated and amended variant of the 1917 Machine Gun School Instructor’s Manual.  It contains much of the same type of material but possibly for students rather than the instructors.  This includes battle action information, machine gunnery and the administration of a machine gun company.


Due to the uniqueness of the material here, and the association with the Machine Gun Corps History Project, it is only available on the DVDs rather than a direct download.

V02372 Machine Gun Training (Provisional) 1921 United Kingdom 35,810 KB
V03206 Machine Gun Training – F Russell – Small Arms School Ahmednagur 1924 British Indian Army 48,393 KB
V02368 Machine Gun Training 1925 United Kingdom 34,978 KB
V02371 Machine Gun Training. Supplement. 1925 United Kingdom 4,646 KB
V02369 Machine Gun Training, 1925, Amendment No. 1 1925 United Kingdom 1,477 KB
V02370 Machine Gun Training, 1925, Amendment No. 2 1925 United Kingdom 1,706 KB
Cover.jpg Machine Gun Training, 1925 – Interleaved, bound and amended up to 1930
1930 United Kingdom 27.9 MB
This is a remarkable example of how the amendments were inserted professionally by printers – in this case located near to the Hythe Small Arms School.


It contains all of the amendments of Machine Gun Training up to 1930 and is twice the size of the regular Machine Gun Training manual of 1925.

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