Twenty Years After

In the 1930s, a series of magazines were published that were relatively recent reflections of the Great War by those who served in it and with their own photos and biographical accounts. Although only intended to be two volumes, they eventually spanned three.

In 2021, Rich Fisher spotted an offer for a full set for free to anyone who collected from the owner, Martyn Hordern. Rich and Martyn agreed to have them posted at cost to the VMGCRA so we could scan and share them as they are believed to be out of copyright. They had already been reprinted and sold as bound editions but these were the original weekly parts.

Each part is scanned on a week-by-week basis and shared using the VMGCRA Patreon portal. Although Patreon is a subscriber service, they are shared freely and no subscription is required. As part of the process, the parts are being indexed and the details, including a link to each, are below.

Volume I

Part 1

6 November

  • The Birth of An Idea
  • Memories I – A Gunner Looks Back
  • How the War Began
  • The Menin Road (Then and Now)
  • The Men of 1914

Part 2

13 November

  • The Contemptibles at Mons
  • Ypres (Then and Now)
  • Le Cateau to The Aisne

Part 3

20 November

  • Le Cateau to the Aisne (cont)
  • From Passchendaele to Westhoek Ridge (Then and Now)
  • The First Battle of Ypres
  • Memories of the First Winter, 1914-15

Part 4

27 November

  • Memories II – Bruce Bairnsfather Looks Back
  • Advance Guard of the Citizen Army in France
  • South of Ypres (Then and Now)

Part 5

4 December

  • With the King’s Ships in 1914
  • Around Armentieres (Then and Now)

Part 6

11 December

  • Memories III. – Ian Hay and Kitchener’s Army (Major Ian Hay Beith)
  • The Adventure in Mesopotamia
  • From Bapaume to Guillemont (Then and Now)
  • Behind the Lines: First and Second Armies (R H Mottram)

Part 7

18 December

  • An Empire in Arms
  • North of Albert (Then and Now)
  • What of the Dardenelles?
  • The Navy in 1915

Part 8

23 December

  • The Navy in 1915 (continued)
  • Neuve Chapelle
  • East of Arras (Then and Now)
  • Memories IV – A Sub-Lieutenant, R.N., looks back
  • The Ypres Salient To-Day.

Part 9

1 January

  • The Epic of the Gallipoli Landings
  • From Brie to Bellenglise (Then and Now)
  • “Second Wipers”

Part 10

8 January

  • “Second Wipers” (continued)
  • Memories V. – An Aussie Looks Back
  • Lens (Then and Now)
  • Mesopotamia: Shaiba to Azizya

Part 11

15 January

  • Mesopotamia: Shaiba to Azizya (continued)
  • The Navy’s Stranglehold
  • From Boesinghe to Poelcappelle (Then and Now)
  • The Western Front: Summer of 1915

Part 12

22 January

  • The Western Front (Summer of 1915) (cont.)
  • Sorrowful Weeks Before Achi Baba
  • Around Bapaume (Then and Now)
  • Songs of the Great War

Part 13

29 January

  • Songs of the Great War (continued)
  • Behind the Lines: Third, Fourth and Fifth Armies.
  • Around Messines (Then and Now)
  • The Battle of Suvla Bay

Part 14

5 February

  • The Battle of Suvla Bay (continued)
  • Gallipoli To-Day
  • Memories VI. – A Tommy Looks Back
  • Loos: The Unwanted Battle

Part 15

12 February

  • Loos: The Unwanted Battle (continued)
  • From Courcellette to Warlencourt (Then and Now)
  • The Loos Battlefield Revisited
  • First Winter of the New Armies

Part 16

19 February

  • First Winter of the Great War (cont)
  • Beyond the Ancre (Then and Now)
  • Memories VII – An Adjutant Looks Back
  • Salonica 1915

Part 17

26 February

  • Salonica, 1915 (continued), including some #VickersMG photos
  • Last months at Gallipoli
  • Around Thiepval (Then and Now)
  • Egypt during 1916

Part 18

5 March

  • Egypt during 1918 (continued)
  • Memories VIII – The Divisional Ammunition Column
  • Scotland’s Noble Shrine
  • Mesopotamia: Battle of Ctesiphon to Fall of Kut

Part 19

12 March

  • Mesopotamia: Battle of Ctesiphon to Fall of Kut (cont.)
  • The Spring of 1916
  • East of Albert (Then and Now)
  • Sir Douglas Haig assumes command

Part 20

19 March

  • Sir Douglas Haig assumes command (cont.)
  • The Battle of Jutland
  • Around Guillemont (Then and Now)

Volume II

Part 21

26 March

  • The Poetry of the Great War
  • The Somme and the New Armies
  • The Somme: The Battle
  • West of Peronne (Then and Now)

Part 22

2 April

  • The Somme: The Battle (cont.)
  • How they lived and died on the Somme.
  • Memories IX: At Jutland with the Battle-Cruisers.
  • The Salonica Front, 1916.

Part 23

9 April

  • The Salonica Front, 1916 (cont.)
  • The Somme Battlefields Revisited
  • South of Albert (1) (Then and Now)
  • Towards the Holy Land