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Cover Title Year Audience File Size


00001 No. 18 – Drill for Foot Guards and Infantry of the Line 1939 United Kingdom 1,285 KB
00001 No. 18 – Drill for Foot Guards and Infantry of the Line, 1939 (Amendment No 1 (Aust.) 1940 Australia 898 KB
V00381 No. 31 – Notes on the organization and tactical handling of Medium Machine Guns 1940 United Kingdom 264 KB
V000095 No. 46 – CAMOUFLAGE – Part 1: General Principles: Equipment and Materials (all arms) 1941 United Kingdom 1,527 KB
V00058 No. 46 – CAMOUFLAGE – Part 2: Field Defences 1941 United Kingdom 1,690 KB
Page_zpsc99f3b68 No. 23 – OPERATIONS – Part 1: General Principles, Fighting Troops, and their Characteristics 1942 United Kingdom 1,448 KB
V00437 No. 35 – ROYAL ARMOURED CORPS Weapons – Part 4: Vickers GO Machine-Gun Mark I 1943 United Kingdom 413 KB

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