Tools and ancillary equipment

These aren’t specific Machine Gun items, yet were used by Machine Gun units in British Service.

Signalling items

Flare Pistol

General Routine Order 1015 dated 13 July 1915

Very Pistols.

Approval given for the issue of “Pistols, signal, Very” to motor machine gun batteries on a scale of two per battery.

Indents should be sent to Ordnance Officers concerned.

Cartridges for use with these Pistols will be obtained from the Ammunition trains.

General Routine Order 1262 dated 17 November 1915

Pistols, Very, 1-inch.

Approval is given for the issue of “Pistols, Very, 1-inch” on the following amended basis:-

Brigade Headquarters* 8
Machine Gun Section 1 per gun
Battalions 8

* These pistols will be held at the disposal of the Brigade Commander for issue as required.

Indents to complete to the above scale should be sent to Ordnance Officers concerned and issue will be made as supplies become available.

Cartridges for use with these pistols will be drawn from ammunition trains.

General Routine Orders Nos. 394 and 630 are cancelled.


Entrenching and cutting

Pick Axes

  • J1/JA 0072, AXES, Pick, 4½-in., Heads
  • J1/JA 0073, AXES, Pick, 4½-in., Helves – 36-in., iron headed
  • J1/JA 0078, AXES, Pick, 8-lb., Heads
  • J1/JA 0079, AXES, Pick, 8-lb., Helves – 36-in.
  • Bags, Sand, Common
  • J1/JA 0940, HOOKS, BILL – Handled
  • Hook, Bill



  • A6/AF 0100, MATCHETS, 18-IN. BLADE
  • A6/AF 0101, MATCHETS, 18-IN. BLADE, Sheaths
  • A6/AF 0102, MATCHETS, 18-IN. BLADE, Sheaths, Mouthpieces


Folding Saws

  • J1/JA 1271, SAWS, FOLDING – Steel; riveted links, with 2 handles; 1 saw set; 1 file, saw, taper, second cut, single, 4 or 4½-in.; in leather case
  • J1/JA 1272, SAWS, FOLDING, Blades – 3-ft. 9-in.; riveted links
  • J1/JA 1273, SAWS, FOLDING, Cases – Leather
  • J1/JA 1274, SAWS, FOLDING, Handles
  • J1/JA 1275, SAWS, FOLDING, Sets

Shovels and spades

  • J1/JA 1320, SHOVELS, G.S.
  • J1/JA 1321, SHOVELS, G.S., Handles – Curved, 28-in.

Toggle ropes

  • A5/AE 0235, ROPES, 6-FT. 6-IN., WITH TOGGLE AND EYE, No. 1 – Manila; 2¼-in. circ.
  • A4/AD 0455, ROPES, 6-FT. 6-IN., NO. 2 – With toggle and eye; manila; 1½-in. circ.
  • A6/AF 0150, ROPES, 6-FT. 6-IN. – With toggle and eye, No. 3


  • Wirecutters


  • Map board, General Service