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Indirect Fire: A Primer

First shared on twitter.

Indirect fire with the #VickersMG (principles apply elsewhere though): First need to understand that in #VickersMG parlance: DIRECT fire is targets that can be seen from the gun position; INDIRECT fire is for targets that are obscured. Direct fire photos using tangent sight:

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Painting the Vickers MG

In the absence of another place to put this information on the website, this is being written as a blog post rather than a specific webpage. It is cross-cutting so there isn’t a specific category to place it in.

It will be written as a collection of information and references as we come across them, rather than a single coherent article. It should help restorers, living historians and collectors alike.

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One million rounds fired in 12 hours?

On 24th of August, it will be 103 years since the 100th Machine Gun Company of the Machine Gun Corps supported the attack on High Wood on the Somme. The story of them firing one million rounds from six guns in 12 hours has appeared throughout written and oral history since then. Did it happen?

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Specialised armour of the 79th Division

Given the heightened interest in the specialised armour of the 79th Armoured Division, often referred to as ‘Hobart’s funnies’, around the time of Operation OVERLORD, I thought I’d share one of the non-Vickers items in the collection. It doesn’t fit anywhere else on the website, so it warrants its own blog post. Continue reading Specialised armour of the 79th Division