Manufacturers’ Markings

Most Vickers MGs are not clearly marked as to who the manufacturer was as the War Office contract guns did not require anything further than a serial number. The exception to this rule is the Commercial Guns as the manufacturer wished all to know who produced the gun as an additional marketing technique. Component parts often included a manufacturer marking as well, presumably for traceability. In the Second World War, this was reduced to a alpha-numerical code with N for Northern, M for Midlands and then S for Southern, followed by a number. Manufacturers’ markings are often accompanied by a year of production, which could be the full four digits or just the two end digits.

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MarkingManufacturer detailsExamples found on
BABathurst Annex (a feeder factory for the Small Arms Factory, Lithgow, Australia)Extractor
B.W.Ld. LondonBowden Wire Co., Willesden Junction, LondonMuzzle cup
E inside DRoyal Small Arms Factory, EnfieldDirection dial pointer
MAMade in AustraliaFeedblock top pawls spring
RCDRoyal Carriage DepartmentTripod mounting blocks
S26Climax Rock Drill Company, Carn Brea, CornwallFeedblock casing
S343Nicholls & Janes, St. Mary’s St., High Wycombe, BucksSpare parts box Mark III
VACVickers Armstrongs CrayfordExtractor
VANVickers-Armstrongs (believed to be Newcastle)Feedblock casing
VSMVickers, Sons and MaximTrigger bar
W.T.&Co.Wynn, Timmins & Co Ltd., BirminghamBelt repairing tool
Manufacturers markings on Vickers MGs and components.