Used to determine the elevation of the gun when firing, particularly indirect or overhead fire.

General Routine Order 926 dated 17 June 1915

Motor Machine Gun Batteries.

Approval is given for the issue of the undermentioned stores to Motor Machine Gun Batteries on the following scale:-

 Per battery.
Cases, spare gun barrel with cleaning rod6

Indents should be sent to Ordnance Officers concerned, and issues will be made when supplies become available.

  • Early pre-MG use
  • Early pre-MG use
  • Alternative
  • Clinometers, Field, Mk. III
  • Cat No. C1/VE 0066, List of changes 20814 and B 5106, CLINOMETERS, VICKERS .303-IN. M.G., Mk. 1 – In leather case with shoulder strap

    The Mk. I clinometer was introduced in 1918 to provide a means of laying the Vickers .303-in. machine gun for elevation, the clinometer being set to the required angle and placed on top of the sides of the gun after first raising the rear cover.

    We have two examples in the collection. They were manufactured by A.K. & S. Ltd. 1916, with their cases from 1918.

  • Cat No. C1/OS 331GA, List of changes A 7266, B 5106, CLINOMETERS, VICKERS .303-IN. M.G., Mk. 2 – In leather case with shoulder strap

    The Mk. II Vickers .303-in. M.G. clinometer was introduced into the service in 1933, to replace the Mk. I clinometer from which it differs in having the cradle dovetailed into the base and secured by two screws instead of being secured by two screws only.

    This example is manufactured D.S. & S. 1944 – With case dated 1945

  • Cat No. C1/VE 0068, List of changes 20814 and B 5106, CLINOMETERS, VICKERS .303-IN. M.G., Cases, Mk. 2 – With shoulder strap

The clinometer is provided with a leather case fitted with a shoulder strap. The inside of the case has wood and felt fittings to house securely the clinometer; and the case is secured by a strap and brass buckle.

The clinometer should be set to zero before inserting in the case.


  • Cat No. V6/OS 11829, CLINOMETERS, VICKERS .303-IN. M.G., Springs – Demand as “Springs, clinometer, No. 1, Mk. 1”
  • Cat No. LV4/TD 14880, Reflector, Slight, Clino Bubble, Mk. 1