Reconnaissance Corps

The Reconnaissance Corps was part of the Royal Armoured Corps and was a wartime-only unit that was in service between 1941 and 1946. Performing a specialist role in each Division (Infantry, Armoured and Airborne), they had little use for heavy weapons and other than the exceptions below, only had 3-inch Mortars within the support elements.

1st (Airborne) Reconnaissance Squadron

This unit was the Reconnaissance element of the 1st Airborne Division. All vehicles were equipped with Vickers GO No. 1 Mk. I guns. These were so equipped to provide suppressive fire in the event of ambush or other such event.

6th (Airborne) Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment

This Regiment was the Reconnaissance element of the 6th Airborne Division. Within the Support Troop of this section there were two platoons, each of four Vickers .303-inch MG Mk. I guns, mounted on Universal Carriers; however, whereas a normal MG Platoon had additional vehicles for the Platoon Sergeant and Commander, those members of the platoon commanded carriers mounted with MMGs and were part of the fighting element of the platoon.


The 45th Regiment was used in an Infantry role as a ‘Chindits‘ Battalion, where it was formed into Columns each having an MG Section of two guns, the Battalion’s MG Platoon being spread across the Columns and supplemented with additional guns and machine gunners where required.