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Cover Title Year Audience File Size


SAVE3858_zpsf949842a Manual of Field Engineering, 1911, Reprinted 1914 United Kingdom 10,531 KB
SAVE0364_zps8c779564 Field Service Manual – Infantry Battalion (Expeditionary Force) 1914 United Kingdom 2,711 KB
Page001 SS106 – Notes on the Tactical Employment of Machine Guns and Lewis Guns 1916 United Kingdom 1,903 KB
Page001 (2) SS106 – Notes on the Tactical Employment of Machine Guns and Lewis Guns. Amendments 1917 United Kingdom 492 KB
V00535 La Mitrailleuse anglaise “Vickers” 1917 France 6,357 KB
image0_zps0bd55f9b Machine Gunner’s Pocket Book 1917 United Kingdom 12,819 KB
V02290 Machine-Gun Drill Regulations (Provisional) 1917 United States of America 11,856 KB
V00526 Provisional Machine-Gun Firing Manual 1917 United States of America 13,818 KB
V00410 Textbook of Aerial Gunnery 1917 United Kingdom

Royal Flying Corps

2,568 KB
V00408 SS192 – The Employment of Machine Guns. Part I – Tactical 1918 United Kingdom 4,247 KB
V03025 SS192 – The Employment of Machine Guns. Part II – Organization and Direction of Fire 1918 United Kingdom 5,118 KB
SAVE3167_zpsd5f0b39f Machine Gunner’s Pocket Book 1918 United Kingdom 12,825 KB
image0_zps0bd55f9b Machine Gunner’s Pocket Book September, 1918 United Kingdom 9,100 KB
Page_0002 The Machine Gunner’s Hand Book – low resolution free download
1918 United States of America 13,855 KB
An American version of the Machine Gunner’s Pocket Book (available above), this is an aide memoire for machine gun officers and covers all aspects of how machine guns were used by the US Army at the end of the Great War.

It appears to have been developed by the 13th Division which didn’t see combat as the war ended before it could be sent overseas.

High resolution manual – 1918-US-MachineGunnersPocketBook

A high resolution of the manual (142 MB) to be sent by



SAVE3732_zpsa35c1be1 Machine Gun Notes 1918 United States of America 11,216 KB
SAVE3289_zps99a97630 Supplement to Machine Gun Drill Regulations (Provisional) 1917 and Provisional Machine Gun Firing Manual 1917 1918 United States of America 23,455 KB


V03094 No. 90e Vickers-Mitrailleur Wapenvoorschrift 1920 The Nederlands 2,407 KB
V01664 Armament Training Manual, Part I – Chapter 1: Vickers Guns (Air and Ground) 1927 United Kingdom

Royal Air Force

4,888 KB
00001 Manual of Elementary Drill (All Arms) 1935 United Kingdom 4,688 KB
1929-UK-LiverpoolRifles Rifle, Lewis Gun and Machine Gun Programme
1929 United Kingdom 896 KB
This is the programme for a competition shoot for the 6th (Rifle) Battalion of the King’s Regiment (Liverpool).  It contains information on the competitions and cups involved in the battalion and how they were conducted in 1929.


1939-SouthAfrica-Armament-COVER South African Air Force Standard Notes, Armament, Section “G”
1939 Union of South Africa 9,976 KB
This is the Air Force manual on the weapons in use at the time, including synchronised Mk V guns and the Gas-Operated .303-inch No 1 Mk I as well as the Browning .303-inch for fitting into aircraft.
V00404 Home Guard. Instruction No. 14 – Winter Training 1940 United Kingdom

Home Guard

589 KB
Page01_zps3ac9c371 Vickers G.O. Gun – No. 1 Mark 1 – Precis G5  circa 1940 Canada 668 KB
0001_zps31419389 Armament – Student’s Notes  circa 1941 United Kingdom

Royal Air Force

4,437 KB
RegsforHGVolI Regulations for the Home Guard, Volume I 1942 United Kingdom

Home Guard

2,889 KB
Cover Battle School
1942 United Kingdom 9.63MB
This manual doesn’t discuss the Vickers machine gun specifically but outlines how the Battle Schools of the Second World War were established, why they existed and what training was carried out there. It’s an insight into the extensive training the British Infantry Divisions received outside of the Small Arms Schools at Hythe and Netheravon.
V06002 Regulations for the Equipment of the Army, Part I. 1942. General Regulations (Segment 1) (Segment 2)
1942 United Kingdom Segment 1: 13.1 MB

Segment 2: 21.2 MB

This is an essential reference for all aspects of equipment in the British Army during the Second World War.  It includes listings of the contents of bags, satchels, cases and most other containers that you see referred to from the Vocabulary of Army Ordnance Stores and other parts lists.  It also includes information on weapons markings and stampings.

Due to the size of the file, it has had to be split into two downloadable segments.

1943-UK-SoldiersGuidetoSicily Soldier’s Guide to Sicily
1943 United Kingdom 1.62MB
Although not a manual about the Vickers Machine Gun, the Divisional (Machine Gun) and Divisional (Support) Battalions that landed in Sicily, such as 1st Battalion Kensington Regiment, 2nd and 7th Battalions Cheshire Regiment, and 1st/7th Battalion Middlesex Regiment would have received this pamphlet before their embarkation so they were familiar with the island.
V00438 Armament Free Gun Air Firing – Notes for Students  1943 United Kingdom 3,457 KB
V00433 Kaasutoimintainen tahystajakonekivaari Vickers Kal. 7,70 mm. (.303′) [Vickers GO Gun] 1943 Finland 7,654 KB
image05_zpsd82bf4a4 Air Publication 2453, Volume I, Section 2: Personal Patatroop Equipment  circa 1943 United Kingdom 991 KB
V03115 Carriers, Manpack, G.S.  circa 1945 United Kingdom 479 KB
1947-UK-GoodInstructionPart1 The Principles and Practice of Good Instruction – Part 1
1947 United Kingdom 5.88 MB
A really detailed manual on how Officers and Non-Commissioned-Officers should instruct their men.  There was a surprising amount of science behind it and some great tips and tricks on the trade included in this manual.  A lot was learnt from the Second World War and this is how National Servicemen would have been trained.
1947-UK-GoodInstructionPart2 The Principles and Practice of Good Instruction – Part 2
1947 United Kingdom 10.33 MB
Building on the practical instruction requirements of Part 1, this helps Officers organise and plan the training and ensure that programmes and training exercises are best suited to the men and the subject.  Again, it gives a very interesting insight into the professionalism with which subjects were taught.
Image001.jpg The conduct of Anti-Terrorist Operations in Malaya
1954 United Kingdom 28.9 MB
Whilst not specifically and immediately about the Vickers MG, the campaign in Malaya did employ the Vickers and this manual helps understand the context in which it was being used.

There is plenty of useful information on the patrols, the tactics and the weapons that were being employed, including the Owen Machine Carbine and the ‘Patchett’.

V01944 Machine Gun Platoon and Section Commanders guide to Battle Procedure Verbal Orders 1956 United Kingdom 642 KB
V02983 Machine Gun Platoon and Section Commanders guide to Battle Procedure Verbal Orders  1959 United Kingdom 762 KB

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