Republic of South Africa

The Great War

During this period, as a Commonwealth country, the Union of South Africa used the Vickers MG in the same manner as the British forces.

The Second World War

Principally the Medium Machine Gun assets were used in the Support Company as part of the Machine Gun Platoon, however, they also used the Divisional Machine Gun Battalion establishment and converted or created Machine Gun Regiments whose Battalions performed the Divisional MG Bn role.

South African MG Regiment
Regiment President Steyn Regiment Suid-Westelike Distrikte
Regiment Langenhoven 1st Machine Gun Squadron
Regiment Louw Wepener South African Horse

In addition to this, the Army Gymnasium also used the Vickers MG within their capbadge.

Armoured Fighting Vehicle variants of the Vickers (such as the Mk IV, VI, VI* and VII) were also used by the South Africans.  Their handbook on the Marmon-Herrington Armoured Car includes use of the Vickers.  It is available as a free PDF download here.

Post-Second World War

Upon independence, South Africa retained the Vickers and continued to use it until the 1980s.

The Army Gymnasium was  the training establishment for the Army and included small arms training within their remit.  They produced the South African training manual for the Vickers, available here as a free PDF download.