Model of 1915

Great War

The Model of 1915 (M1915) was a .30-inch Vickers Machine Gun produced by Colt using plans provided by Vickers in order to supply additional guns to the efforts of the Great War.

They were used to equip the first divisions of the United States Army on their mobilisation and subsequent embarkation to France; however, they were soon replaced with the Browning Model of 1917 once sufficient supplies became available.

Second World War

With sufficient stocks available, the United States supplied the M1915, in .30-inch, to the United Kingdom for use by the Home Guard, under Lease-Lend arrangements.  Given the familiarity of many in the Home Guard with the Vickers, it provided an excellent substitute to the .303-inch Mk I.

Specific manuals were produced for this gun and they are available from the download pages.