Cavalry Regiment

The Great War

There were two different establishments of Cavalry Regiment during the Great War, with three and four squadrons respectively. Cavalry Regiments were part of a Cavalry Division, or attached to Armies, Corps, or even a single infantry division in a reconnaissance role.

Both types of Cavalry Regiment for the period had a Machine Gun Section similar to that of the Infantry Battalion of the Great War. However, where an Infantry MG Section used 1 Limbered Wagon for very two guns, the Cavalry used 1 Limbered Wagon per gun and was therefore able to transport more ammunition and be more independent.

Providing reinforcement drafts to the Cavalry Regiments were Reserve Cavalry Regiments. There was one reserve regiment linked to two line regiments. The War Establishment of the Reserve Regiment was increased in November 1914 to allow for additional signallers to replace ‘wastage’ at the front.

The Inter-War Period

The Cavalry Regiment of the immediate (1923) inter-war period was formed of a Regimental headquarters, a headquarter wing and three squadrons. A Vickers machine gun troop was included in the headquarter wing, with Hotchkiss light automatics in each of the squadrons.