Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades’ Association, 2013

Static displays of the collection, for a specific audience or a wide range of people, provide the opportunity to see the items in a more ‘regular’ museum-type context, with the benefit of hands-on the items. This can provide more information and the opportunity to explain more about how the items work from a technical, rather than a practical, point-of-view.

Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades’ Association Lecture and Lunch, Belton Park, Grantham, UK (October, 2013)

The VMGCRA was invited to attend and Richard Fisher provided a talk on the Vickers Machine Gun and the development of machine gunnery during the Great War. The Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades’ Association now does not have any veterans but the membership is relatives of those who served in the Machine Gun Corps. Many of the attendees have their own research and this gave them the opportunity to see and ask questions specifically related to how the Vickers was used and how it worked.

The talk was given in a room at the Belton Park Golf Club. This was on the southern perimeter of the Machine Gun Training Centre at Belton Park.

The presentation given is available to download:

MGCOCA-20131012(43).jpgA few photos of the display are below:


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