Victory Show, 2013

The VMGCRA has provided displays of the Vickers MG in a historical context independently and as part of a wider group of individuals or associations. This page shows some of the photos and explains some of the context of the displays. Few of the photos are the property of the VMGCRA and where they are sourced from elsewhere, the link is shown below the photo to the original source and where, often, you can find more of the photos of the show. If a link is not shown, it means the original source cannot be located – if this is your photo, please contact using the link on the contents page.

Victory Show, Cosby, UK (September, 2013)

Here are some photos displaying again as No. 8 (MMG) Platoon, H Company, 2nd (Abn) Bn, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry at the Victory Show, Cosby, UK on the first weekend of September. The display is of the dug in troops of the 6th Airborne Division in the area of Escoville, Normandy, around 12 June, 1944, as part of Operation OVERLORD and the consolidation of the bridgehead.

The VMGCRA took part, along with many other groups, as part of the British Airborne Platoon and is an excellent example of how reenactors with a common interest can work together to represent a single unit for a specific event. The wider display including 3-inch Mortars, a 6-pdr Anti-Tank Gun, Field Ambulance, and supporting infantry. The MMGs were merely a small part of a much larger display.

The display had two deactivated Vickers MGs accompanied by two blank firing guns provided by GHQ Weapon Hire, with funding for one gun and some ammunition from The Victory Show organisers and the other through a grant from All Fronts Reenactment Association (an Association which the majority of the individuals on the display are members of.