Victory Show, 2016

Here are a selection of photos showing the ‘Emma Gees’ (Living History element of the VMGCRA) displaying a Machine Gun Platoon of the 1st Battalion, The Princess Louise’s Kensington Regiment. The event was the Victory Show, Cosby, UK on the first weekend of September. The period protrayed was Autumn 1944 where the 1st Bn, Kensington Regiment were part of the 78th Infantry Division, fighting in Italy as part of the Battle of the Argenta Gap.

Continuing the element of working with other groups and individuals, the regular supporters of the VMGCRA were accompanied by members of F.I.R.E. 44 and P.B.I.

As well as a static display of the whole platoon, using two deactivated Vickers and two live guns fitted to fire blanks, the live guns also took part in the firepower demonstration.

The guns and some ammunition were funded by The Victory Show.

The photos below are a selection taken across the weekend by Pete Knight.