Instructional Posters

Within the Vickers MG Collection are a number of original instructional posters that are excellent quality but quite scarce. To enable others to enjoy them, and to help spread the knowledge of how the Vickers was used, the VMGCRA has had them reproduced in a number of sizes. This page provides information on the posters, the sizes they are available in and how to order them.

The posters

There are currently ten variants available. The images below have been blurred and watermarked to deter others reproducing them at a poorer quality and failing to recognise the source; however, those being sold are high quality with no blurring and without any watermark.


The left-hand feedblock was used in the armoured fighting vehicle and aircraft variants of the Vickers. Because it operated differently to the standard feedblock, a separate poster was produced for it.

Instructional Posters


The popular ‘Mechanism Made Easy’ manual published by Gale & Polden for use by the Home Guard, describing both the .303 and .300 variants of the Vickers, was sold alongside this parts poster in portrait format. The parts shown are all for the .303-inch Vickers and it seems many fewer of the posters have survived than the manuals.

Instructional Posters


This is very much the most popular poster in the collection as it shows all of the main functions of the gun and even appears in photographs of lectures and lessons taking place at the Machine Gun School. It was drawn by Handley-Read of the Machine Gun School’s own studio and it essentially remained unchanged through to the last reproduction in 1951. It was originally printed on canvas.

Instructional Posters


It’s thought that these were drawn at the same time as the 1918 poster but this print is from 1921 and it shows the function of the feedblock, very much an underrated component of the gun. As with the 1918 poster, the original is printed on canvas.

Instructional Posters


Like the feedblock poster, this is from the 1921 print-run. It was originally on canvas and shows the function of the ‘heart’ of the gun – the lock.

Instructional Posters


A re-draw of the 1921 poster but essentially showing the same diagrams in a different order. The colour scheme was changed significantly too. This enabled the instructor to ask students to identify parts based on their colour whilst in a lesson.

Instructional Posters


As with the 1937 feedblock poster, this is a re-draw of the 1921 poster and colours changed but otherwise much the same.

Instructional Posters


The last print-run of the posters came in 1951 and this is the one showing how the barrel casing cools the gun in more detail than the overall Vickers poster.

Instructional Posters


This poster for the dial sight only seems to have been introduced in 1951 as there isn’t a mention of it any earlier. It shows all of the component parts of the dial sight, which is important when trying to relate to it and follow the instructions in the manuals and given by the instructor.

Instructional Posters


The last iteration of the feedblock poster maintains most of the changes from the 1937 print but now part of the ‘Weapons Training Series’ posters.

Instructional Posters

Size information

The posters are available in standards ‘A’ size prints: A3, A2, A1, and A0.

A0841 x 1189 mm33.1 x 46.8 in
A1594 x 841 mm23.4 x 33.1 in
A2420 x 594 mm16.5 x 23.4 in
A3297 x 420 mm11.7 x 16.5 in

The finished products have between 5mm and 15mm of white space around the image depending on the original size and cut. We haven’t stretched or trimmed the image itself to make it fit better.


The prints have been done on 200gsm paper which is lightweight card with a gloss finish.


If an order is only for A3 size prints, it will be sent in a card-reinforced ‘do not bend’ envelope. If it includes A2 or above, then it will be send in a tube. They have similar pricing but it will be dependent upon the number of ordered (as this changes the weight of the package).

As some examples of costs:

  • Three A3 posters in envelope, in the UK: £4.95.
  • Four A3 posters and one A2 poster, to Europe: £11.55.
  • One A2 poster, in tube, to the USA: £11.15.
  • Five A3 posters and one A1 poster, to the USA: £16.45.
  • Ten A3 posters in envelope, to the USA: £16.45.

You will be invoiced for the cost of shipping once your order is known.


To reflect the fact that people may want to order several posters, we’re able to offer a discount scheme for posters of the same size. It is not possible to combine discounts across poster sizes though. The pricing is shown in the image below.


If you are ordering a mix of sizes, then just add the lines together. For example, five A3 posters (£34.00) and two A1 (£46.80) would be £80.80 plus shipping.


We hold a stock of A3 posters and occasionally some other sizes; however, if you want to place an order, it may take around five days to have it printed and ready to ship.

As soon as you place your enquiry, we will instruct the printers to start work so please consider it a commitment at that point.

If you complete the below form, then you will receive an invoice to be paid through PayPal. We will also confirm the final price. The form will open in Microsoft Word and can be automatically sent to the Association. A PDF version is also available that can be saved and emailed, or just use the contact form and describe what you want.

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