Anti-Gas Equipment


464. Disinfection of Anti-Gas Respirators (May 1940).

892. Respirators, Anti-Has – Head Harness (August 1940).

911. Respirators, Anti-Gas (August 1940).

1279. Respirators, Anti-Gas – Haversacks (October 1940).

Any markings on respirator haversacks denoting name, regiment or corps will be barred out. For this purpose haversacks which have been stencilled with black paint will be barred out with paint, P.F.U. [prepared for use], black marking.

Any marked with printers ink will be barred out with printers ink.

Army Council Instruction 1279 of October 1940.

Gas Capes and other anti-gas clothing

617. Anti-Gas Clothing – Camouflaged Capes (June 1940).

891. Curtains, Anti-Gas – Issue of (August 1940).

946. Wallets, Anti-gas – Issue of (17 August 1940).

1031. Gloves, anti-gas – improved pattern (August 1940).

1065. Capes, anti-gas; quick release attachment (September 1940).

For Vehicles

There was detector paint No. 1 issued as part of vehicle equipment. This changed colour when gas was detected by it. Tins of 4 oz. each were issued per vehicle (Army Council Instruction 1001 of August 1940).


  • The National Archives, WO 293/25 Army Council Instructions 1940.