Spare parts wallets

Wallet, Vickers .303-in. M.G., Mk. I

The small spare parts and tools for the Vickers MG were carried in a wallet that was originally called the ‘first aid case’ and then renamed the ‘wallet’. Initially it was thought it could be carried in the pocket of the No 2; however, it was normally carried in the spare parts case.

  • Cat No. C1/BD 2690, WALLETS, VICKERS .303-IN. M.G., MK. 1, Empty
  • Cat No. C1/BD 2691, WALLETS, VICKERS .303-IN. M.G., MK. 1, Filled

This wallet is of leather and when opened out measures 11½-in. by 8¼-in.. It is provided with a double pocket, and when folded is secured by a buckle and strap. It is carried in the spare parts case.

The Contents of the wallet are enumerated in Equipment Regulations, Part I.

Wallet, .303-inch M.G., Mark I

Designed for the Lewis automatic rifle (light machine gun), this wallet had a generic designation which implies it could have been used for the Vickers as well; however, it differs in design as there is only a single pocket but additional loops to secure the clearing plug.

An example is also stamped showing it was used for the Light Mortar during the Great War as well.


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