Machine Gun Platoon (Post-WW2)

After the Second World War, Medium Machine Guns were returned to the Infantry Battalions and became part of the Support Company capability of the Battalion, as they had done on the 1920s with the disbandment of the Machine Gun Corps.

The organisation of the MMG Platoon at this time is shown in the image below.  It is very similar to the Machine Gun Platoon of WW2; however, there is the addition of the Wasp section, which was a flamethrower mounted on a Universal Carrier.


Whilst they started with the Universal Carrier, they began to use the Austin Champ and then the Land Rover in the 1950s.  With the withdrawal of the Vickers from British Service, many of the members of the MMG Platoons because part of the Recce or Anti-Tank Platoons.