Motor Machine Gun Battery

Army Council Instruction 289 of October 1914 authorised a Motor Machine Gun Battery for each Division of the Expeditionary Force then in France and preparing to go to France.

These became part of the Motor Machine Gun Service and were paid as members of the Royal Field Artillery.


The war establishment was amended in March 1915 to include a battery serjeant-major.

114. W.E. of Motor Machine Gun Battery. Amendment.

The addition of a battery serjeant-major, mounted on a motor cycle, to the W.E. of a motor machine gun battery has been approved, and the establishment in question should be amended accordingly.

(L. 121/Stores/1424, S.D. 2)

Army Council Instruction 114, 12th March 1915.

Terminology of machine gun units was officially set out in 1917.

Machine-Gun Corps.- The following definitions are laid down for the Cavalry, Infantry and Motor Branches of Machine Gun Corps:-

Section = 4 machine guns with personnel.

Sub-Section = 2 machine guns with personnel.

Detachment = 1 machine gun with personnel.

Training Manuals and War Establishments will be amended accordingly.

Army Order 164 of 1917.


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