Class L

The Vickers-Berthier was the contribution that Vickers made to the search for a light machine gun. It began development when Vickers Limited purchased the design of the French Berthier in the early 1920s. The search for something that was air-cooled and with a quick-change barrel was the competition that the Bren LMG eventually won, in replacing the Lewis in British Service. This followed a series of evaluation trials in 1934.

Despite the British Army, deciding to use the Bren as its Light Machine Gun, the Indian Army chose to adopt the Vickers-Berthier. This succesful adoption actually resulted in the Mk. III being produced in India at the Ishapore Factory.

Vickers-Berthier Automatic Rifle

Model 1923

Model 1924-1925

Model 1925-1926

Model 1928-1929


Mk. I

Mk. II




The Mk. III was adopted by the Indian Army as its Light Machine Gun, over the Bren. As the only significant user of the VB was India, it was produced at the Rifle Factory Ishapore (RFI), in India.