Class / Type Calibre Quantity Year
B .5-inch v/565 5 1922
E 7.92mm 1 1924
F 7.92mm 2 1927
E 7.92mm 2 1927
C 7.92mm 1 1931


Czech produced guns


The Czechs developed an arms manufacturing and export industry in the post-WW1 period when the arms industry was dictated by the ‘Treaty of Versailles’.

They produced a reverse-engineered version of the Vickers which was the CZ-1930, aka the 30(t). It was a lighter weight version of the Class ‘E’. They produced approximately 10000 guns which were used by the Czech and German forces and some were sold to Greece, Iran and Estonia.

When the Czech Army was reformed in England in 1940, they were supplied with British weapons and equipment, which included the Mk. I as used by the British Forces.