19th Hyderabad Regiment

Second World War

Machine Gun Battalion, 19th Hyderabad Regiment

Formed 15 April 1942 at Agra.

Delhi Independent Brigade Area – 15 April 1942 to November 1942

It was raised as a M-G Battalion at Agra on April 15th, 1942, but changed to infantry on August 1st, 1942 as the 9th Battalion.

75th Indian Infantry Brigade – November 1942 to August 1943

It left Agra in November 1942 and came under command of 75th Indian Infantry Brigade at Wah

Razmak Brigade – August 1943 to March 1945

In August 1943 it left the 75th Brigade to go to Razmak.

Peshawar Brigade – March 1945 to 31 August 1945

In March 1945 it moved to Peshawar for the rest of the war. It disbanded on July 16th, 1946.