The Second World War



As part of Poland’s contribution to the Allied Forces, the Free Polish Forces formed part of the British Army’s Order of Battle, creating Armoured, Infantry and Airborne units. These fought alongside British Units. They also formed Squadrons of the Royal Air Force.

As such, they were largely equipped with British weapons and equipment, including Vickers MMG.

Polish Independent Parachute Brigade

This unit was under the command of the 1st British Airborne Division. It was an independent brigade primarily or parachute troops, with gliderborne support units, including anti-tank artillery.

The infantry of the Brigade was delivered solely by Parachute and including Machine Gun Platoons as part of its Parachute Battalions.

Polish Air Force


The Polish Air Force used British-supplied aircraft, as with the Royal Air Force, some of these were mounted with the Vickers G.O. No. 1, Mk. I.