Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment

Inter-war Period

The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment was an Infantry Regiment consisting of Battalions of the amalgamated Bedfordshire Regiment and Hertfordshire Regiment. This amalgamation took place with the reorganisation of the Army by 1922.

As an inter-war Infantry Battalion, it would have had a Machine Gun Platoon that was formed into a Machine Gun Company in the early 1930s.

Second World War

This remained until the formation of Divisional Machine Gun Battalions in 1936 where guns were brigaded once again when the majority of Battalions had their Machine Gun assets centralised into those Battalions.


The 1st Battalion was part of the 77th Indian Infantry Brigade, and a ‘Chindits‘ Battalion, where it was formed into Columns each having an MG Section of two guns, the Battalion’s MG Platoon being spread across the Columns and supplemented with additional guns and machine gunners where required.

Post-Second World War

Upon the disbandment of Divisional Machine Gun Battalions in the post-WW2 restructure of the British Army, the Vickers Machine Gun assets reverted to individual Battalions as part of the Support Company as a Machine Gun Platoon.

In 1958, the regular battalions were merged to form the 3rd East Anglian Regiment, then becoming the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment in 1964.