The function of the Rangetaker was to operate the rangefinder. He was a specially trained individual.

He often accompanied the commander of the MG Section. If not required to take ranges, he provided local protection or assisted in moving gun stores or other administrative tasks.

1912 – 1938

During this period, the duties of the range-taker were carried out by one of the No. 6s from the section.

1939 – 1942

Rather than having a rangefinder with each machine gun detachment (ie per gun), one was carrier with the section commander and would work with them for the whole section (two guns).

1943 (Airlanding)

1943 – 1968

To understand the uniform and equipment of this period, we’ve done a video study of the range-taker from 1943 for our YouTube channel.

In the 1951 Manual, the Rangetaker is identified as carrying the following equipment on a ‘long carry’.