1951: Appendix V


The following are suggested maximum loads for a long carry. These loads are based on the use of the GS manpack carrier and a maximum load of 70lb each man. Detailed loads and weights will of course vary according to circumstances such as the distance carried, country and nature of operation.

It must be realised however it will seldom be possible to carry enough ammunition within the section to make the operation practical and that assistance in carrying ammunition will normally be necessary.

Detailed maximum loads:-

Section commander.


Driver operator.

  • 31 set.

No. 1.

No. 2.

No. 3.

* The above loading allows for the section carrying a total of 12 belts SAA (i.e. 6 belts per gun) but will greatly reduce the speed and mobility of the section. If carrying parties are available only the No. 3 need carry any ammunition within the section.

For the method of attaching the gun and tripod on a GS manpack carrier see Plate 20.


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