.5-inch Mk II


Cat. No. Introduction Obsolescent Obsolete Remarks
Section C.2
L. of C. A.7772
10th August 1933
L. of C. C.2022
24th August 1944
With L.H. or R.H. feed block.

This gun, the second in the Vickers .5″ series, was the first ‘production’ gun. In this configuration, it can be noticed that there were some serious redesigns and analysis of the original Mk. I.

The Mk. II was fitted with a pistol grip operated trigger which would have been easier to fire in the confines of an Armoured Fighting Vehicle or Tank. It was also fitted with a dovetial mounting point so it could be ‘slid’ in and out of position in the tank. A far more easier method inside a tank than using pins and bolts to fix it. It could be fired both single-shot (rapid) or fully automatic. When looking at it, it can be seen to be somewhat of a scaled up .303″ Mk. VII.

It was introduced in 1932 and had a rate of fire at 500 r.p.m. It weighed more than the Mk. I but only slightly which would have been due to the pistol grip and its mounting. This made it weigh in at 52 lbs without water.

Catalogue entry

List of changes A 7772 and A 8022, GUNS, MACHINE, VICKERS, .5-IN., MK. II

  • Cat No. C2/BM 0402, …With L.H. feed block
  • Cat No. C2/BM 0403, …With R.H. feed block