The Regiments of Foot Guards were outside of the requirement for establishing their machine gun sections as the Machine Gun Corps; however, they did form the Guards Machine Gun Battalion to consolidate their machine gun capability.

The Guards Machine Gun Regiment was formed from units of the Household Cavalry and the existing Guards Machine Gun Companies. This took place on the 10th May 1918. The units transferred were:

Battalion of G.M.G.R.Original Unit
1st1st Life Guards
2nd2nd Life Guards
3rdRoyal Horse Guards
4th1st Gds Bde MG Coy
2nd Gds Bde MG Coy
3rd Gds Bde MG Coy
4th Gds Bde MG Coy

The Regiment was disbanded on 26 February 1920.


Further changes to the pay of artificers took in place in 1918 with Army Order 257.

I. Pay of Artificers in the Machine-Gun Corps and the Guards Machine-Gun Regiment.


WHEREAS WE deem it expedient to provide rates of pay for certain artificers in the Infantry Branch of Our Machine-Gun Corps, formed under Our Warrant of 14th October, 1915, and Our Guards Machine-Gun Regiment, formed under Our Warrant of 8th May, 1918;

OUR WILL AND PLEASURE IS that fitter staff-serjeants, farrier staff-serjeants, fitter serjeants, farrier serjeants and shoeing-smith corporals of the Infantry Branch of Our Machine-Gun Corps and of Our Guards Machine-Gun Regiment shall receive regimental pay at the following daily rates:-

Fitter staff-serjeant … 3s. 7d.

Farrier staff-serjeant … 3s. 4d.

Fitter serjeant … 3s. 2d.

Farrier serjeant … 2s. 10d.

Shoeing-smith corporal … 2s. 2d.

Farrier staff-serjeants, farrier serjeants and shoeing-smith corporals as such in Our Household Cavalry and transferred to Our Guards Machine-Gun Regiment on its formation shall continue to draw the Household Cavalry rates for these appointments.

OUR FURTHER WILL AND PLEASURE IS that fitter serjeants and farrier serjeants, after three years’ service as such, shall be eligible for appointment to fitter staff-serjeant or farrier staff-serjeant respectively, under conditions prescribed by Articles 814 and 817 of Our Warrant for the Pay, Appointment, Promotion and Non-effective Pay of Our Army, dated the 1st December, 1914.

Given at Our Court at St. James’s, this 8th day of August, 1918, in the 9th year of Our Reign.

By His Majesty’s Command,


Army Council’s Instruction on the above Warrant.

For the remaining period of the present war the rates laid down in the above Warrant shall be increased by 3. per diem, in accordance with paragraph 4 of the Warrant of the 3rd December, 1917, published as Army Order 1 of 1918.

Army Order 257 of September 1918.


The Guards Machine Gun Regiment is commemorated alongside the other Regiments of Foot Guards on the Guards Memorial, Horse Guards Parade, London.