A Machine Gun Company was attached to each Infantry Brigade and their subsequent Division.

Brigade attached to: 33rd Brigade
Division attached to: 11th (Northern) Division
Formed from the: Machine Gun Section of 6th Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment
Machine Gun Section of 6th Bn. Border Regiment
Machine Gun Section of 7th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment
Machine Gun Section of 9th Bn. Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire) Regiment

The 33rd Bde. M.G. Coy. was formed in Egypt by 23 March 1916 from the Machine Gun Sections of the listed infantry battalions.

As a unit of the 11th (Northern) Infantry Division during this period, it will have taken part in the following battles and engagements.

On the 12th January the Dardanelles Army was broken up, and on the 26th the 11th Division reached Alexandria, and completed concentration at Sidi Bishr by the 8th. On the 9th February the Division was posted to XV Corps, and on the 19th the 11th Division took over A Section, Suez Canal Defences, with divisional headquarters at el Ferdan. Until June the Division remained in the Suez Canal Defences. On the 17th the advanced party left to embark at Alexandria, on the 25th the Division handed over A Section, Suez Canal Defences, to the 42nd Division, and on the 30th the advanced party reached St. Pol. Embarkation at Alexandria was completed on the 3rd July, and on the 7th divisional headquarters arrived at Flers (S.S.W. of St. Pol). The concentration around Flers was completed on the 15th July; and by the 27th July the Division had taken over part of VI Corps front line (in Third Army). During the remainder of the Great War the 11th Division took part in the following operations on the Western Front:
14 September Capture of the Wonder Work (32nd Bde.) [II Corps, Reserve Army].
15 to 22 September Battle of Flers-Courcelette [II Corps, Reserve Army].
26 to 28 September Battle of Thiepval Ridge [II Corps, Reserve Army].
11 to 19 January Operations on the Ancre [IV Corps, Fifth Army].
09 to 14 June Battle of Messines [IX Corps, Second Army].
16 to 18 August Battle of Langemarck [XVIII Corps, Fifth Army].
19; 22; and 27 August Fighting around St. Julien [XVIII Corps, Fifth Army].
26 September to 03 October Battle of Polygon Wood [XVIII Corps, Fifth Army].
04 October Battle of Broodseinde [XVIII Corps, Fifth Army].
09 October Battle of Poelcapelle [XVIII Corps, Fifth Army].

On 28 February 1918, it was amalgamated with the 32nd, 34th, and 250th Machine Gun Companies to form No. 11 Battalion, Machine Gun Corps.