A Machine Gun Company was attached to each Infantry Brigade and their subsequent Division.

Brigade attached to:11th Brigade
Division attached to:4th Division
Formed from the Machine Gun Sections of:1st Bn. The Somerset Light Infantry
1st Bn. The East Lancashire Regiment
1st Bn. The Hampshire Regiment
1st Bn. The Rifle Brigade

The 11th Bde. M.G. Coy. was formed by the 23 December 1915 from the Machine Gun Sections of the listed infantry battalions.

As a unit of the 4th Division, it will have taken part in the following battles and engagements.

From 01 to 21 July[VIII. Corps, Fourth Army; then from 03 July VIII. Corps, Reserve Army]
From 10 to 25 October[XIV. Corps, Fourth Army]
01 and 02 JulyBattle of Albert [VIII. Corps, Fourth Army].
10 to 18 OctoberBattle of the Transloy Ridges [XIV. Corps, Fourth Army].
09 to 14 AprilFirst Battle of the Scarpe [XVII. Corps, Third Army].
03 and 04 MayThird Battle of the Scarpe [XVII. Corps, Third Army].
28 September to 03 OctoberBattle of Polygon Wood [XIV. Corps, Fifth Army].
04 OctoberBattle of Broodseinde [XIV. Corps, Fifth Army].
09 OctoberBattle of Poelcappelle [XIV. Corps, Fifth Army].
12 OctoberFirst Battle of Passchendaele [XIV. Corps, Fifth Army].

On 26 February 1918, it was amalgamated with the 10th, 12th and 234th Machine Gun Companies to form No. 4 Battalion, Machine Gun Corps.


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