No. 29 Battalion, Machine Gun Corps

A Machine Gun Battalion of the Machine Gun Corps was attached to each Infantry Division and was formed of four MG Companies.

No. 29 (or 29th) Battalion, MGC was formed on 15 February 1918.

Division attached to:29th Division
Formed from the:86th Machine Gun Company
87th Machine Gun Company
88th Machine Gun Company
227th Machine Gun Company
Becke, 1934

As a unit of the 29th Infantry Division, it will have taken part in the following battles and engagements.

10 and 11 AprilBattle of Estaires (less 88th Inf. Bde.) [XV. Corps, First Army].
10 and 11 AprilBattle of Messines (88th Inf. Bde., with 25th Div. on 10/4, and with 34th Div., 11/4) [IX. Corps, Second Army].
12 and 13 AprilBattle of Hazebrouck (less 88th Inf. Bde.) [XV. Corps, Second Army].
13 and 14 AprilBattle of Bailleul (88th Bde. with 34th Div.) [IX. Corps, Second Army].
18 AugustCapture of Outtersteene Ridge (87th Bde.) [XV. Corps, Second Army].
04 SeptemberCapture of Ploegsteert and Hill 63 (86th and 88th Bdes.) [XV. Corps, Second Army].
28 September to 02 OctoberBattle of Ypres [II. Corps, Second Army].
14 to 19 OctoberBattle of Courtrai [II. Corps, Second Army].

The 29th Division was withdrawn to rest on the 24th October, and on the 7th November it was transferred to the X. Corps (via XV. Corps) and moved south into the Tourcoing area. On the night 7th/8th, the 88th Bde. took over part of the X. Corps Front Line along the Schelde (east of St. Genois), and on the next night the brigade established a line of posts on the right bank. On the 11th November the 88th Bde. was ordered to seize the Dendre crossings at Lessines. The Brigadier was at Flobecq at 9-30 a.m., and galloping forward from there with A. Sqdn., 7th Dragoon Guards (attached from 3rd Cavalry Division), the bridges at Lessines were captured and secured by 11 a.m., when the Armistice brought hostilities to an end.

The 29th Division was ordered to the Rhine and it began its march on the 18th November. During this advance the division crossed the fields of Waterloo (on the 23rd) and Ramillies (on the 27th). On the 4th December, the division entered Germany at Malmedy, and arrived on the 9th at Cologne. On Friday, the 13th December, the 29th Division crossed the Rhine by the Hohenzollern Bridge, and it completed its occupation of the bridgehead on the 16th.

On the 15th March, 1919, the 29th Division ceased to exist.

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War Diaries

  • WO 95/2294/3 – February 1918 to October 1919 (France and Flanders).
  • WO 95/152/2 – November 1919 to January 1920 (Germany).


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