.5-inch Mk IV


Cat. No. Introduction Obsolescent Obsolete Remarks
Section C.2
L. of C. A.9603
6th November 1933
L. of C. A.9603
28th May 1935
L. of C. C.2022
24th August 1944
With L.H. or R.H. feed block.

This was an improved version of the Mk. II gun that tried to improve the compatibility between .303″ and .5″ guns on their mounts and it was more adaptable to the different environments found within different AFVs. It was introduced in 1933 and it came with the option of having both Left- and Right- Hand feed.

The Mk. IV had an ejector tube that came in two parts and it could only be fired in full auto but it could be fired by remote control as well as by the pistol grip. It’s rate of fire was at 600 rounds per minute and it weighed 58lbs.

Catalogue entry

List of changes A 9603, GUNS, MACHINE, VICKERS, .5-IN., MK. IV

  • Cat No. C2/BM 0450, …With L.H. feed block
  • Cat No. C2/BM 0451, …With R.H. feed block