8th Brigade Machine Gun Company

A Machine Gun Company was attached to each Infantry Brigade and their subsequent Division.

Brigade attached to: 8th Brigade
Division attached to: 3rd Division
Formed from the: Machine Gun Section of 2nd Bn. Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)
Machine Gun Section of 7th Bn. King’s Shropshire Light Infantry
Machine Gun Section of 8th Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment
Machine Gun Section of 13th Bn. King’s (Liverpool) Regiment

The 8th Bde. M.G. Coy. was formed on 22 January 1916 from the Machine Gun Section of the listed infantry battalions; the 1st Bn, London Rifle Brigade may have contributed to this company; however, the Order of Battle (Becke, 1934a) is unclear on this point.

On 06 March 1918, it was amalgamated with the 9th, 76th and 233rd Machine Gun Companies to form No. 3 Battalion, Machine Gun Corps.

As a unit of the 3rd Infantry Division, it will have taken part in the following battles and engagements.

27 March to 04 April Capture of St. Eloi Craters [V. Corps, Second Army].
30 April Second Attack on Bellewaarde [V. Corps, Second Army]
14 to 25 July Battle of Bazentin Ridge [XIII. Corps, Fourth Army]
14 to 19 August Battle of Delville Wood [XIII. Corps, until midnight 16/17 August, then XIV. Corps, Fourth Army]
13 to 18 November Battle of the Ancre [V. Corps, Fifth Army]
09 to 14 April First Battle of the Scarpe [VI. Corps, Third Army].
23 and 24 April Second Battle of the Scarpe [VI. Corps, Third Army].
28 and 29 April Battle of Arleaux [VI. Corps, Third Army]
03 and 04 May Third Battle of the Scarpe [VI. Corps, Third Army]
13 and 14 May Capture of Rouex [VI. Corps, Third Army].
22 to 25 September Battle of the Menin Road Ridge [V. Corps, Fifth Army]
25 to 30 September Battle of Polygon Wood [V. Corps, Fifth Army, until 10 a.m., 28 September, then under II. ANZAZ Corps, Second Army].