The British Army of 1914

Regular Army

The lists below are in order of regimental precedence in the British Army.


Household Cavalry

Cavalry of the Line


Regiments of Foot Guards

Regiments of Infantry of the Line

 The Territorial Force

The units of the Territorial Force were designated slightly differently to the Regular battalions at the start of the Great War. It was not until February 1915 that this was harmonised.

229. Designation of Units of T.F.

Ref. L* 9/Gen. No./4747 (A.G. 1) of 30th Jan., 1915, it is notified that in future units of the T.F. will be designated 1st Line, 2nd Line and 3rd Line, instead of I.S. [Imperial Service], 1st Reserve and 2nd Reserve respectively.

The 1/1st. 1/2nd, 1/3rd, &c., units will be designated first line units.

*Instruction 258 of Jan., 1915.

Army Council Instruction 229, 24th February 1915.




  • The National Archives, WO 293/2 Army Council Instructions 1915 January to June.